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Learn to Create the Life and Relationships You Have Always Wanted

Join our Empathy Gym to be able to learn, practice, and level-up your empathy and expression skills with others like you




Do you want to go deeper into your empathy training?

We always say at the beginning of the Intro Course that “you are currently unconsciously unskilled and at the end, you will be consciously unskilled.” And it’s true. Empathetic communication is a skill. And just like any skill, you must practice it. When you practice it that’s when you smooth out the rough edges, you develop that empathy muscle and it gets hardwired in your brain. 

That’s where the Empathy Gym comes in. This is where you level-up your game. Just like a gym where you go workout and take care of your body. In our gym, you come, work out your empathy muscle, deeply connect with other like-minded individuals (breath a relaxing sigh of relief and excitement), level up your mental and emotional health, while also making leaps with your ability to communicate and connect with others. It’s a beautiful process. So come join us. Transform your life through learning and connection.

Level-up Your Skills w/ Advanced Topics

Systematically level up your skills through deliberate, action-based practice so that you can be ready to teach or act in live settings.

Learn To Receive Empathy

Feel lighter after learning to trust, open up and be vulnerable with others about our struggles and insecurities.

Learn To Give Empathy

All your loved ones will thank you and you'll thank yourself as you feel more connected to others than ever before, even in triggered situations. 

Get Support From A New Tribe

Join a group of like-minded people who are bringing more connection and safety into the world and encourage your growth.

The Next Step To Becoming Certified

Become a certified trainer in The Bigbie Method and make a career or side hustle out of bringing greater connection to schools and businesses.

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Who's The Empathy Gym For?

First and foremost it's for anyone that's completed our Intro Training who wants to level up their empathy, connection, and communication skills. You'll continue to learn but go deeper into topics, go deeper into NVC and continuously practice giving and receiving empathy and expression. It's also great for: 1. Advocacy Workers and RJ Practitioners looking to bring Nonviolent Communication into your community and help folks hear one another and connect. 2. School Administrators and Business Executives looking to decrease days lost related to instruction and production and who want to super charge your team and have a more connected, lighter workplace culture. 3. Aspiring Teachers, Trainers, and Coaches who are looking for a career with a greater sense of fulfillment and impact and want to make a career out of teaching the Bigbie Method.

How many sessions do you offer a week?

We are currently offering 5 different sessions a week at the times listed in the example schedule below. As the number of members continue to grow we will continue to add classes.

What can I expect in the sessions?

Now that you have been through the Intro course you can expect it to be similar to the live sessions you did throughout the course, but with more practice. We'll start with a connected check-in and then we'll move into celebrations and mournings. If there is a learning piece to the session, whether its a live example, review or theory, we will go over that and then we will break into dyads to give and receive empathy with a certain focus for that session. Then we'll come back together, review, and, finally, work on a "live" situation with at least one participant.

We've structured the sessions with deliberate practice in mind so that your needs for growth, learning, and connection can all be fulfilled.

I have another question. How can I ask it?

We'd love to hear it. Email us at

Can I cancel my membership? How long am I locked in for?

Yes of course you can cancel anytime. If you are paying monthly your membership will end at the end of the month you cancelled. If you are paying annually your membership will end at the end of the calendar year you cancelled.

For example, if you are on monthly and you cancelled January 15th, your membership would end January 31st. If you are paying annually and you cancel November 17th, your membership will end December 31st.

Ok I want to become certified and teach this to others. How will this help me do that?

This is the next step to becoming a certified trainer, through weekly deliberate practice. At different milestones throughout your learning in the Empathy Gym you will be offered the ability to take assessments in order to become certified.

You are currently at level 1 after completing the Intro Course. In order to teach this you must be level 3 certified.

At this point how long will it take me to become certified?

This is based on how often you attend sessions and how quickly you are able to grasp and implement the concepts learned. Not everyone will become a certified trainer. But for those who do, we anticipate the average time to be 1 year with some people being able to be certified in as little as 6-9 months and others at over a year.

How many sessions a week can I go to?

You can go to as many or as few as you want. Just make sure you register for them ahead of time in case they fill up. Please note, we do require a 24 hour cancellation notice if you register and cannot make it to the session.

How the gym works

1. Sign up below

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2. View our weekly class schedule

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3. Register for the one(s) you want to attend

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4. Show up ready to learn, practice, and connect

Attend the zoom session in the comfort of your own setting. 

Supercharge Your Journey In Connection

Join our Empathy Gym. Join our tribe. Change your life.

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