Operationalize peace in your school system with the Bigbie Method. 

Find out how our breakthrough NVC model can start delivering measurable results in 100 days.

Schools need peace

The Problem

As a result of having suffered one or more traumatic experiences, two thirds of Americans are prone to responding to perceived threats by fighting, flighting (aka fleeing), or freezing in an attempt to achieve safety – even when there’s no actual threat. This Fight-Flight-Freeze response frequently results in behavior ranging from disruptive to dangerous. This is what we are seeing in America’s schools. This is the problem.

The Solution

Connection – the feeling of ease and flow that occurs within yourself and between people when we experience being seen, heard, and valued without judgment – is the antidote for trauma and the secret magic of the Bigbie Method. Connection is a teachable, replicable process that the Bigbie Method teaches to school communities - students and staff - to interrupt the cycle of trauma and create peace in the classroom.  

Why the Bigbie Method works

We bring about systemwide connection through an NVC approach that is mindful, immersive, and deeply practical.

Systemwide Solution

We don’t “target” students. We create a culture of connection where everyone in the system is seen, heard, and valued without judgment.

Lasting Peace

No quick-fixes to drive short-term. Our approach engages the entire system over the course of the entire school year – and beyond.

Measurable Results

We begin each deployment by defining detailed goals and milestones. Our easy-to-understand reporting makes ROI visible.


What our partners say

Jessica Lowe

Principal, Leon County Schools

Inviting Dr. Bigbie and her method onto your campus would be a huge investment in your school community as it was in mine.


Meet your team


Jordan Drake

NVC Leader


Saskiya Fagan

NVC Leader


Denise Hale

Instructional Design


Ryan Bonhardt



Andrew Miller

Creative Director


Jimmy Springston

Senior Advisor


Trevon Germany



Dr. Cindy Bigbie


Heather Claypoole

Podcast Co-host


Marc Rothman

Strategic Planner

 There’s never been a better time to drive transformative change in your school system.

 The heightened tensions in our cities create an opportunity for you to not just create a safer, more peaceful and productive school environment, but to also demonstrate leadership – to create a model for change that can inspire and guide other school systems.


 Choose the Bigbie Method to change the trajectory of your school system

 Give your students and teachers the opportunity to understand and connect with themselves and each other in a new, more meaningful and productive context.

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